How to Join

RYT's Background

RYT meets every Sunday from 2 pm – 6 pm. Members are expected to attend every week and to demonstrate a real commitment to whatever is going on.

Most of the time the group is involved in preparing for the next production – auditioning, learning lines and songs, rehearsing scenes, and developing their talents. From time to time special workshops will be laid on to develop skills or to improve the performance of particular scenes.

Alongside this, the stage crew will be designing, building, and planning the stage sets, gathering props, and choosing costumes – or making them on many occasions! As production week approaches, Members are expected to attend longer sessions for Technical and Dress Rehearsals.

What does it cost?

Our current annual fee for Membership is £80.00, payable in full in September or in two installments of £40.00 in September and January. This covers the costs that RYT incurs for hiring the stage and rehearsal facilities, insurance, and other running expenses.

Members may be required to contribute towards scripts or music scores to help cover the costs – normally only £5.00 for each production.

RYT is affiliated with the Riverside Arts Centre (RAC), which is a registered charity, and survives on the funds it receives from membership, ticket sales, and the occasional fund-raising events we may stage during the year.

How can I join?

New members are usually invited to join RYT in September or January, as we prepare for the new production seasons.

There is a waiting list for membership, but existing members do sometimes leave or move away from the area so if we need to make up the numbers we could contact you at any time during the year. Your first step is to contact the Membership Secretary, to put yourself on the waiting list, and to find out the current situation.

Both boys and girls can apply as soon as they reach 12 years of age – or at any age up to 18.

Remember, commitment is everything.

Riverside Youth Theatre

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